Arundati (Hindi)

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Arundati (Hindi)

A | 11 Oct, 2013

For good to prevail it will have to reincarnate and win over evil.


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The film is a fantasy action thriller which revolves around the phenomena of reincarnation. Jejjamma as a child when sees her brother-in-law Pashupati raping her dance teacher she informs the same to her King. Following the news Jejjamma`s sister commits suicide and Pashupati is left at the mercy of King`s order. He is severely punished and when on the verge of death he is taken in by Aghoris. With them he learns black magic and becomes a tantrik. He comes back to take revenge and aims for Jejjamma. Jejjamma`s power and prowess doesn`t let him win and he is buried alive. But he retains the power and is still not dead. To be his death Jejjamma will have to reincarnate and with sword made of her flesh and bones she will have to slice him in two.

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