Asa Ha Atarangi

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Asa Ha Atarangi

U | 28 Mar, 2014

A touching love story.

1 hrs 56 min | Drama, Romantic

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Asa Ha Atarangi is the story of an artist, Jagannath aka Jagu who lives a carefree life on his own terms. He doesn`t care about money and is always ready to help others. Soon he meets Meena, a beautiful yet blind girl.
After a few meeting Jagannath realizes his love for Meena. He takes a brave decision to take care of all the expenses related to her treatment. Meanwhile, a new friend, Prasad enters Jagu`s life. There on the the lives take a new turn.
How does Prasad`s entry change the equations in Jagu`s life? Does Meenakshi realize Jagu`s deep love for her? The movie unfolds all these puzzles in an entertaining manner.


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