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UA | 15 Oct, 2010

2 hrs 11 min | Drama, Romantic


Autograph revolves around three people from the world of arts: a young director, a superstar and a theatre actress. Thrown together on a film set, they find their lives changing. Taking a captivating, thoughtful approach to celebrity culture and the pitfalls of the film world, Autograph has been inspired by Satyajit Ray`s Nayak and Ingmar`s Bergman`s Wild Strawberries. Essentially a movie within a movie, the narrative splits into two parallel strands, playing with the blurred boundaries between reality and the make-believe world of Tollywood (in Kolkata) stardom. The two narratives interweave as the story jumps between reel and real events: while one of the strands follows the unconventional relationship brewing between the star and a journalist, the other details the emotional triangle between the director, the actress and the superstar.

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