Ayudham Seivom

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Ayudham Seivom

U | 27 Jun, 2008


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The plot revolves around VBR (Manivannan), a downright corrupt ex-minister who opens up Mahatma Gandhi statues and Saidai Sathya (Sundar C) who brandishes his regulation goonda stuff by beating up people, yelling, drinking and essentially fulfilling every hooligan tradition there is but for the right price.

Sidekick Traffic Constable Kandhasamy (Vivek) provides plenty of laughs while aiding his friend in obstructing traffic. Both of them are caught under the righteous glare of social activist/lawyer Udhayamoorthi (Vijaykumar), who takes up PILs (public interest litigation) and is the bane of corrupt officials. Sentenced by the court for their misdemeanour, they end up in the Gandhi Museum in Madurai, supposedly for their reformation.