Ayutha Ezhuthu

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Ayutha Ezhuthu

- | 21 May, 2004 100 Votes

Action, Drama, Romantic


The story revolves around Inba (Madhavan) is a goon, Michael Vasanth (Suriya Sivakumar) is an influential student leader who wants politicians and Arjun Balakrishnan(Siddharth), a carefree and bratty son of an IAS officer. These three alien lives find a common thread in the game of politics, as Arjun saves Michael`s life when he gets shot by a Inba, the politician`s ``henchman``, and Michael plats the seed of political aspiration is Arjun`s heart. They are college students wanting politicians like Selvanayagam (Bharathiraja) to keep away from their college politics. But, in this quest of their`s they have to encounter more hurdles than they thought they would have to... Will they emerge victorious?