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- | 01 Jan, 1982

Action, Romantic

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Bhagavat tell us the story of a King, who dies at the hands of his disloyal minsters when he confronts them of not following his orders, and that of his wife and son`s struggle after his death. After the King`s death, it becomes clear that his Senapati has been eying the throne, and so, to save the lives of the Maharani and Rajkumar, Amar Singh, Sher Khan. one of King`s loyal aides, helps the two escape. The Rajkumar is then hidden in a Ganesh temple and is adopted by a gypsy couple. This leaves the Mharani devastated.
Soon, Dhurjan, the greedy Senapati passes away, and his son Vikram takes over the throne. Amar has also grown up and is in love with Padmini, Dhurjan`s daughter and wishes to marry her. But, before he can act, he is captured by Vikram`s soldiers and put behind bars to meet with his death.