Bai Go Bai

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Bai Go Bai

UA | 04 Dec, 2015

1 hrs 59 min | Comedy

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This is the story of Baija, who has established her dominance over Nayakanchi Wadi. She has changed Nayakanchi Wadi to Baikanchi Wadi, as a result of which, women have taken over the village and the men have no importance. This village is running on Baijakka's rules, which dictate that men are to be treated miserably. In fact, no man is allowed to even grow a mustache, and neither can he run away from the village. Every man has to work at her villa & that's not even it!
Ever since Baijakka has established power over the village, no child has been born. In short Baijakka is taking revenge against the men. But why.
What could be the secret or the reason behind it?
When will this whole picture change, and if it does, how? Who will change it?
Watch Bai Go Bai to have all your questions answered.