Bakula Namdev Ghotale

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Bakula Namdev Ghotale

U | 19 Oct, 2007


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Bhakaspur, a remote village is burdened under debts cause of their dubious sarpanch ''Ghotale'', who owns most of the land. The villagers have no choice but to agree and abide by every instruction given by him. The highlight of Ghotale's character is that as much as his actions seem to be funny, his evil streak has no boundaries. ''Namdev'', a simpleton returns home after getting married to ''Bakula''. As per the traditions, he goes straight to Ghotale's house with his wife to seek his blessings. However, the scenario tumbles over hilariously, Ghotale falls in love with Bakula. He makes up his mind to get married to her, by any possible means. Ghotale's wooing, Namdev's simplicity and Bakula's tit-for-tat attitude with Ghotale creates a humorous situation that guarantees to split your sides!