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U | 23 Jan, 2015 371 Votes

An honest man sets up to inspire millions!

2 hrs 30 min | Drama

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Our beloved Balasaheb with his thunderous roar returns to give us a dose of Balkadu. Balkadu, something each one of us have experienced in our lifetime. The taste of which we strongly despise yet, is something we can never forget. It`s about the bitter truth of life which we all would love to forget, but the situations around us keep reminding us about the harsh reality of life. Balasaheb Thackeray still rules and lives in the hearts of every Mumbaikar. His teachings are always inspirational and are timeless. Balkrishna Patil, a Mumbaikar, a youth who has lived all his life in Lal-baug Parel locality, starts hearing Balasaheb`s voice. BalKadu is about an honest man`s humble ways of inspiring Mumbai and Maharashtra, through the voice of Balasaheb. Today, a bitter concoction is essential to every citizen to know his/her responsibility towards their motherland.