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U | 29 Jul, 2016 4,372 Votes

The story of two sisters and their respective husbands.

1 hrs 59 min | Comedy, Drama


The film is based in 1960s Punjab and is about two sisters and their respective husbands. Pakko is married to Chanan Singh who loves her immensely. However, he is from the village and financially unstable. He has a passion for engines and aspires to use his talent to make different vehicles.

One day, they are invited to Pakko`s maternal home but when they get there, they realise that the family is smitten by Pakko`s sister, Sami and her wealthy husband Resham Singh. Resham Singh is a railway officer and owns a motorcycle, which is a status symbol.

This unfair treatment drives Chanan Singh to prove himself by attempting to fulfil his dream and buying his own motorcycle.