Bandh Nylon Che

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Bandh Nylon Che

U | 29 Jan, 2016 187 Votes

Bandh Nylon Che deals with new-age relationships between families, and appeals to the old and young alike.

2 hrs 15 min | Drama

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Devdatta Joglekar, his wife Anita and daughter Sara come from the US to India for two years.

After being in the US for the last 12-13 years he is not able to think of a life away from it, least of all India. India, a place that he has left behind, a place where his old and backward parents live.

Sara insists on meeting her grandparents. Devdatta who has avoided his parents till now has no choice but to go and bring them to Mumbai. He reaches Dapoli with this intention the next day. But the old argument which had caused the rift between them 13 years ago surfaces again and his parents refuse to come with him to Mumbai.

At this point, his old friend Ravi, offers to help by supplying him stand-in parents for a few days. The parents don`t agree to the idea at first, but when the child starts crying for her grandparents, they`re left with no choice but to try out Ravi`s plan. The child is ecstatic on hearing that her grandparents are coming to visit her.

The preparations are in place and the door bell rings. A hopeful Devdatta opens the door to see his parents standing in front of him, fresh from Dapoli. With no other alternative, he calls Ravi to stop his set of parents from arriving and tries to make the old couple at home. He feels they are still angry with him. The child runs home, followed by Ravi.

The grandparents bond fantastically with the grandchild and Devdatta finally smiles. But when Devdatta is complaining to Ravi about how regressive his real parents are, his mother hears this and all but faints. They go to the room to rest and do not respond to Devdatta and Anita`s pleas. A confused Devdatta then asks what their problem is, and that`s when Ravi laughs and reveals to Devdatta and Anita that they are not his real parents, and they have been brought there by him.

He got them since Sara wanted her grandparents and as the real grandparents were not going to come, he thought there would be no harm in replacing grandparents. Devdatta and Anita are stumped.

The new grandparents are capable of doing practically anything, from cooking to playing cricket, from doing 3D animation to singing and dancing, from teaching Sara her homework to helping Devdatta in his office work. They are ideal. They are indispensable.

What happens when these highly intelligent grandparents enters the lives of Devdatta, Anita and Sara?