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A | 12 Jun, 2015

A comedy of errors!

2 hrs 4 min | Comedy

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Subhasri and Jishu are in love with each other but there is a crisis. Subhasri`s two elder brothers are very protective of her. Jishu makes a plan to win them over by joining them as their assistant. Jishu gets into the good books of both but not enough to ask Subhshri`s hand in marriage. So, Jishu and Subhashri decide to elope. The plan is that Subhasri will wait in the market in a burqa for Jishu, who will make excuses to her brothers to come pick her up.

On the d-day, Jishu hastily bundles a burqa clad woman into a taxi, who, to his dismay, turns out to be another girl, Nusrat, who is the sister of the two most infamous dons of the city. Jishu realizes he is in trouble as he has eloped with the wrong girl.

What follows next is a comedy of errors set to a chase sequence. Will Jishu be able to get
the love of his life? Will the two brothers agree to wed their only sister to Jishu? Will the Dons spare Jishu for kidnapping their sister?