Bhagya Na Jane Koi

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Bhagya Na Jane Koi

24 Nov, 2017


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Ghisu and his son Madhav have a hand-to-mouth living and are struggling to survive. After Madhav marries, his wife Budhiya also helps the family to earn money. However, as their condition does not improve, Budhiya is forced to work even in her final stages of pregnancy and eventually suffers a tragic death.

On the other hand, a young and beautiful girl from a middle-class family is forced to marry an upper-middle-class widower, whose son is almost of her age. Despite her attempts to live a happy life, Nirmala's husband is suspicious of her and eventually, she dies of a fatal illness.

Directed by Dilip Gulati, Bhagya Na Jaane Koi finds its inspiration from the stories 'Kafan' & 'Nirmala' written by the legendary Indian writer Munshi Premchand. The movie beautifully juxtaposes the lives led by the rich and poor.