Bhaigiri 2

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Bhaigiri 2

UA | 04 May, 2018

2 hrs 13 min | Action, Drama, Romantic

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The shrewd CEO of Future Sports Channel, Deepak Shah, tries to use the existing rivalry between two boxers Bhooloham and Arumugam for his personal gain of increasing his channel's TRP. Having pit the two rivals against one another in the inaugural match of IBC, Bhooloham manages to injure Arumugam to a point where the latter goes into a coma.

Realising his mistake, Bhooloham gives up boxing and takes up the job of a waiter at a college. However, the rather greedy and cunning Deepak, still in his quest to be the top-rated sports channel, hatches different conspiracies to get Bhooloham back into the ring. But Bhooloham beats Deepak in his own game and exposes his malpractices, resulting in his channel being shut for good and Deepak finding his place behind the bars.

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