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UA | 05 Jun, 2019 92,168 Votes

A Journey of a Man and a Nation together!

2 hrs 35 min | Action, Drama

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When he was eight years old, Bharat made a promise to his father: to keep the family together no matter what. It`s a promise he keeps over the next 60 years of his life, despite each decade throwing a new set of challenges at him: some humorous, some thrilling and a few even dangerous!

This is the journey of a man and a nation together, beginning at the cusp of India`s birth as an Independent nation. Starring Salman Khan in the title role, Bharat is an endearing film about a man`s sacrifices to fulfill a promise made to his father.

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Bharat: Movie Review - A Film Riding On Salman's Shoulders
Verdict: Salman Khan delivers yet another Eid treat to his fans. Apart from the joy and celebrations that the festival of Eid brings, it also gives us a new Salman Khan movie each year. This year, fans...
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