Bhaskar The Rascal

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Bhaskar The Rascal

U | 17 Apr, 2015 1,278 Votes

2 hrs 34 min | Comedy, Drama


The film is woven around its lead characters and what happens when two seemingly incompatible persons are thrown together. Mammootty plays rough and boorish Bhaskar, a businessman who lacks any refinement. Nayantara plays Hima, a confectioner who is everything Bhaskar is not. Hima is a suave and self-made entrepreneur who radiates sophistication. She is fiercely independent and follows her own ideology of life. What happens when the two collide?

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Bhaskar the Rascal: Film Review- The story of two single parents, united by their kids
Writer-director Siddique is well-known for his humorous multi-starrer projects, but this one falls short as it has a sad excuse for a plot. A typical holiday release, Bhaskar the Rascal fails to impres...