Bin Phere Free Me Ttere

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Bin Phere Free Me Ttere

UA | 03 May, 2013 2 Votes

2 hrs 11 min | Comedy


Produced by Premchandra Jha, the film introduces Dildar Arsh Deol in the lead. Asshrita Agrawal, Govind Namdeo, Mukesh Tiwari, Yashpal Sharma, Sharad Saxena, Javed Haider, Pratima Kannan, Hemant Pandey, Kannan Iyer, Mushtaq Khan, Manoj Joshi, Manoj Pahwa and Himani Shivpuri among others. Director, Manoj Sharma has directed, scripted and written the screenplay for this comedy. Ravi Kant Reddy has shot the film and Vishnu Narayan has composed the its music.