Black And White

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Black And White

UA | 07 Mar, 2008

2 hrs 18 min | Drama

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Rajan Mathur (Anil Kapoor) is a Professor in Urdu literature in Dr. Zakir Hussain`s College. He resides in Chandni Chowk with his activist wife, Roma Mathur (Shefali Shah).

Professor Mathur comes across a young boy called Numair Qazi (Anurag Sinha) who introduces himself as a victim of communal riots in Gujarat. But in actual fact, he is a suicide bomber commissioned by a Muslim fundamentalist group to detonate a bomb near Red Fort on 15th August.

Despite his deep-rooted fundamentalist beliefs, he sees this as one of the most colorful and loving areas. There is no black and white. Nevertheless he moves on with his mission. Watch the movie to see an emotional progression of Numair in the troop of the blacks & the whites.