Blackboard VS Whiteboard

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Blackboard VS Whiteboard

U | 12 Apr, 2019 93 Votes

2 hrs 14 min | Drama


As a student, Amit struggled to pass his school examinations and was afraid of competitions. However, with the help of his parents, he manages to become a primary teacher, and decides to help children carve a better future for themselves. For his first job, Amit gets posted to a government school, which is in a very bad condition and is illegally opened as a private school by the head of the village, much to the dismay of the school headmaster, Dinanath.

Together, Amit and Dinanath decide to change the present scenario of the school, but are unable to figure out the right way to do it. When a news reporter arrives at the school and challenges the school authorities to improve the condition of the school within 15 days, Amit and Dinanath have no other way out than to accept the challenge. Will Amit and Dinanath be able to fulfill this challenge?

Filmfare   rated it
Blackboard VS Whiteboard
Summing up, one can only say that while the film`s heart is in the right place, the rest of it is all misplaced and disjointed....
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DEEPAK   rated it
very good movie..
Good to see these kind of's very insperational movie for us..define the deference between between govt school and private school.....