Blue Oranges

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Blue Oranges

UA | 18 Sep, 2009

2 hrs 0 min | Drama, Romantic, Thriller


Kevin and Shalini had just a couple of things in common. Both were excellent painters and they were in love. When differences in their social standings came in their way, they had decided to run away. That fateful day Kevin waited for Shalini but she did not arrive. Kevin left Goa all by himself. Eight years later they meet again on the streets of Mumbai... A few short hours later Shalini is murdered. Kevin is arrested from the murder spot... All circumstantial evidence are against Kevin. The commissioner of Police pays Nilesh Bhargav a visit. Nilesh had earlier assisted the police in many cases in the past and had solved them successfully. Due to his personal vested interest, he wants Nilesh to carry out a parallel investigation to solve the Shalini murder case. Nilesh strongly feels that Shalini`s last painting has an important story to tell.