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UA | 18 Jan, 2019

1 hrs 49 min | Comedy, Musical

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Three stories merge on one mad December day in the temperamental city of Mumbai. Meghna, a PR agent, has her phone snatched by a `Biker`; Have-A-Go Hero, Abhishek, puts his private life on hold to help; and Pandya, a politician facing trial in the High Court, hopes his hitman will swiftly eliminate a mysterious witness. Fading film star, Karan Kapoor, and Deputy Home Minister, Irawati, are just trying to get through their day, when everyone suddenly becomes entangled in each other`s messy lives. Events quickly snowball to reveal that the fate of the witness lies in all their hands.

Will Meghna and this bunch of strangers, from the highest echelons to the lowest ranks of society, overcome their self-obsession for just long enough to prevent the identity of the star witness from falling into the wrong hands?

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Bombairiya: Film Review - A Tale of Twists You Won't See Coming
Verdict:Takes you on a hilarious darshan through the city of sin. Bombay, or Mumbai, is often referred to as the city of dreams. But underneath the cloud of hope that lingers over the city lies extreme...
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dear user   rated it
Should be seen on a laptop
Being a Apte fan ... it was good at some points but expectation were more . I would rate it as a ok movie for a casual afternoon watch . Fun factors and the message in the background was good ....