Bombay To Goa (1972)

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Bombay To Goa (1972)

U | 03 Mar, 1972

2 hrs 13 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Mala (Aruna Irani) is all set to fame when her pictures are published in a magazine. Her allies, Verma and Sharma were now willing to sign her up for a movie. However, lost in greed, Verma kills Sharma and seeing this Mala runs for her life.

She boards a bus from Bombay to Goa where Verma has sent one of his men to kill her. In the bus Mala meets Ravikumar (Amitabh Bachchan), who protects her throughout.

The rest is their adventurous journey among people from different religions, culture and faith; all on their way to Goa.