Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters

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Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters

- | 18 Apr, 2008

Crime, Drama

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Bommana Brothers (Allari Naresh and Krishna Bhagavaan) are thieves, who are encouraged by their parents into theft and cheating. Once they plan to cheat a bank manager and run with the money. However they get caught and are freed by their father. Then they accidentally come across a photograph they took of two sisters, Mani Chandana (Farjana) and Siri Chandana (Rithima), Chandana sisters. They look for them, and trap them into their love to steal the property of their father, Mohan Rao (Kota Srinivasa Rao), the owner of popular cloth business chain.
They get married and successfully acquire the property of their father-in-law.
However, when the father-in-law comes to know of their plan, he turns into a madman. The daughters, outraged, hire a professional killer (Raghu Babu) to murder their husbands.
Would the brothers realise their mistake or be murdered at the hands of their better halves?