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UA | 12 Jun, 2009

Action, Romantic

Applicable Offers


DD (Sumanth) and Chinna (trinetrudu) are two friends brought up in an orphanage. They are fond of Saraswatamma, their care taker and DD wants to start a tamarind rice center in her memory. To collect the money for this, he joins a mafia gang and does petty jobs.
Meanwhile, Pragati (Kriti Kharbanda) is the daughter of a politician and works in a NGO. She comes to know that the people of the village her NGO works for, have benn deceived by a landlord and they shall pay 40 million to get there lands back. She asks her father for help, who agrees. But later she comes to know he lied to her and thus leaves the house. She then formulates a self-kidnapping plan to seek ransom amount to help the villagers. But she gets kidnapped by DD in the process.
The rest is how they realise their goals and fall in love in the process.