Bonku Babu

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Bonku Babu

U | 20 Jun, 2014

A heartwarming story about traditions and family.

2 hrs 30 min | Comedy, Drama

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In a neighborhood, amidst towering high-rises, lies the old house of Mr Bankim Chandra Choudhury. A conservative, retired police sub-inspector, he has managed to keep out everything which threatens to break up his joint family. He is always the against the idea of self-centered flat culture. Newly married younger son of Bonku Babu, Agni misses the opportunity of being close to Payel due to some family crisis or the other. Frustrated, Agni goes to a promoter Pantoosh Dhar for a flat. Eyeing an opportunity, the promoter tries to grab the land but stubborn Bonku Babu opposes the idea.
Missing out on the opportunity, the promoter threatens to kill Bonku Babu. In the course of time Bonku starts to feel that his dream of joint family is slowly but steadily crumbling. He fights with his son Agni. What will he do now to save his family? Will he succeed in holding on to his dream of a joint family? What will Agni do now? Will he listen to his father and stay back...or leave his family with his wife Payel ?