Born To Be King

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Born To Be King

UA | 04 Mar, 2016

You were born to make a difference.

Crime, Drama

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Born To Be King follows the story of Balraj and his journey into fighting today`s youth dilemmas in London. Struggling to make a basic living in London, Balraj has no choice but to join the drug underworld.

But after being caught in a life-threatening situation, Balraj changes his ways and goes to stay with grandfather in Punjab. However, everything has changed, going through a drug abuse crisis, Balraj decides to try and change the mindset of young Punjab.

Nonetheless, it is not that easy, coming across politicians and other social issues that make it more difficult for Balraj to get his voice heard. Balraj and his grandfather have no choice but to join forces in order to make a change. Will Balraj succeed in his endeavors?