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UA | 08 Sep, 2017 11,955 Votes

2 hrs 15 min | Comedy, Drama


Kabir Gayatri Panigrahi who is raised by his mother alone is constantly bothered by people asking him the whereabouts of his father. His mother too steers clear of the topic, which creates a rift between the two and they communicate only through Kabir's aunt. To ease the tension between the two, Kabir's mother sends him to a boarding school where he quickly settles down and achieves great laurels. While he keeps striving for more success, the question of his father's identity keeps haunting him. Things go well at the Boarding school for Kabir until Dhairya and Dhungya join the school; the two who are infamous in their village for creating mischiefs are sent to the school by the villagers. Would the presence of Dhairya and Dhungya affect Kabir? Would Kabir be able to find his answers? Will Kabir mend his relationship with his mother? Would Dhairya and Dhungya change their ways and become responsible? All this forms the crux of the story.