BP (Balak-Palak)

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BP (Balak-Palak)

UA | 04 Jan, 2013 169 Votes

It'S Time To Talk Now!

1 hrs 50 min | Drama

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Parents often avoid talking to kids. Answering their children`s questions is not something they happily do and most of the time they avoid the question altogether.
BP is about four teenage friends (Avya, Bhagya, Chiu and Dolly),who overhear that their friend, Jyoti Tai, a resident of their colony has left as she disgraced her family. Having received unsatisfactory explanations from their parents for Jyoti tai`s exit, it becomes imperative to find out what exactly was her disgraceful act. The children take up this challenge and in their quest to learn the truth, they end up bonding a little too much with their over-mature school mate `Vishu`, the guiding star for the foursome.