Brindavana (Kannada)

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Brindavana (Kannada)

UA | 27 Sep, 2013 310 Votes

Love wins over rivalry.

2 hrs 55 min | Action, Drama, Romantic

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The film is a story of the two stepbrothers turned rivals. They have daughters,Milana and Karthika, who inspite of the rivalry, are good to each other. One of the cousins (Milana) who goes to the city for further education, when lands in trouble is helped by a boy named Darshan. Meanwhile in village when other cousin is forced to marry an unknown boy, she calls her sister to help. Darshan and Milana (cousin) arrive in the village. What follows is Darshan helping the villagers overcome their problems and accomplishing the feat of bringing two brothers together. But when it comes to marriage Darshan chooses which of the two sisters?