Buddha Mar Gaya

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Buddha Mar Gaya

A | 17 Aug, 2007 2 Votes



Laxmikant Kabadiya aka LK, is one of India`s richest industrialists, a self made man who`s risen from selling scrap to become a construction magnate. His conglomerate is on the verge of a 5000 crore IPO that should make them one of the largest companies in the country. LK`s family - comprising of his spinster twin sister Prerna, his two sons Ranjeet and Sameer, their wives Shruti and Anju respectively and Ranjeet`s daughters Sanjana and Namrata, and Sameer`s son, Pawan, can`t stop salivating at the thought of all that money.
Unfortunately for all of them fate displays a wicked sense of humour. On the night before the IPO opens, LK dies while copulating with a starlet who`s aspiring to become the heroine of a film that LK plans to produce. The family is distraught and horrified. Not because a loved one has died but because now no one will buy their shares. So, on the advice of their family guru - Vidyut Baba, the family decides to hide the death of LK for a period of two days till the shares are all sold out. Little do they realize the crazy series of events that will follow on account of this duplicity.