Bujjigadu Made In Chennai

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Bujjigadu Made In Chennai

UA | 23 May, 2008 323 Votes

2 hrs 40 min | Drama

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Bujji (Prabhas) and Chitti (Trisha Krishnan) are inseparable childhood friends. But when Bujji crashes Chitti`s sandcastle by mistake, Chitti gets angry and asks Bujji not to meet her for 12 years. She does, however, promise to marry him at the end of the lengthy hiatus, leaving Bujji but a glimmer of hope. Bujji spends thses 12 years in Chennai as a local lout.When Bujji returns after 12 years, he is asked to kill Sivanna. However, Sivanna turns out to be Chitti`s brother.