Bunny (Telugu)

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Bunny (Telugu)

U | 06 Apr, 2005 183 Votes

Comedy, Romantic

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Bunny (Allu Arjun) joins the college in which Mahalakshmi (Gowri Munjal) studies. Mahalakshmi`s father Somaraju (Prakash Raj) is a millionaire and he keeps 24-hour security for her at the college so that nobody dares to eye his daughter. Meanwhile Bunny charms Mahalaxmi and makes her fall head over heels for him. Somaraju the father is so besotted by his daughter that he simply cannot see her cry. Hence he is forced to accept their love. Strangely Bunny demands that the fathers property be written on his name prior to the marriage. The crux of the story evolves around tracking the whereabouts of Bunny and why he seems to be asking for the property in the first place.