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C Kkompany

U | 29 Aug, 2008

When Losers Became Rulers

2 hrs 10 min | Comedy

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This is the story of three individuals who have their own share of problems they are dealing with. Akshay (Tusshar Kapoor) is a struggling crime reporter who wants to marry the love of his life Priya (Raima Sen), the sister of the leader of D Company, Dattu Bhai. Mr. Joshi (Anupam Kher) wants 1 crore from his son that he claims he has the right to since he spent that amount raising him. Lambodar Jha (Rajpal Yadav) works as a mascot in a mall but tells at home that he has a business. He finds it difficult to deal with his wife and resents tall people since he is very short himself.
The trio soon make a plan to extract 1 crore from Joshi`s son. They demand the amount from him threatening to kill his family if he does not give the money. However, the matter goes public somehow and the trio try their best to keep it from disclosing.
The rest is how they prevent their identities from being disclosed, as members of C KKompany, and fulfill their respective desires.

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