Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli

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Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli

U | 22 Jun, 2007

1 hrs 37 min | Comedy, Drama

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Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli, a childrens film, is about an orphan boy Karan, who dares to dreamBIG! Living in an orphanage, Karan has two dreams, one is to have parents and the other is to be a cricketer. The orphanage caretaker, a gentle and caring man, Bholu Dada has brought up Karan telling him motivational stories of Indias 83 world cup win, so much so that he is inspired by Kapil Dev. Everything changes one day, when Karan finds an old cricket bat,which he is convinced Kapil Dev had used to win the match in 83. For him, it becomes a bat with magical powers. Highly impressed by Karans batting skill, the coach of the Indian cricket team inducts him into the team. Karan wins the match for India and becomes the heartthrob of the nation. Karan develops a deep bond with Varun, the Captain of the Indian cricket team. Karan also plays a key role in re-uniting Varun with his estranged father. On the final one day match between India and Pakistan, Karans bat is destroyed, but Varun evokes a sense of confidence in Karan and makes him believe thatthe magic is in YOU!