Chappa Kurishu

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Chappa Kurishu

UA | 15 Jul, 2011 21 Votes

2 hrs 11 min | Drama, Thriller


Chappa Kurishu, a metro based film in which Fahad Fazil and Vineeth Sreenivasan play dramatically contrasting characters, tells the story of two extreme personalities who are like the two diametrically opposite sides of the same coin which get intertwined through a crucial event in their lives.

Arjun and Ansari represent the two extremes of socioeconomic disparity in our society. When one prides to be on one extreme of the social order the other hides from all for being on the opposite extreme.

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gladiator   rated it
movie is gud - realistic
Q cinemas ac was not working. dey tried to give exit half way..had problem...