Chauranga (Khortha)

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Chauranga (Khortha)

A | 08 Jan, 2016 357 Votes

A riveting film about love, caste and politics.

1 hrs 26 min | Drama

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Set in the dark hinterland of India where tradition and modernity collide precariously, Chauranga tells the story of a 14-year-old Dalit boy, Santu, who wants to go to school like his older brother Bajrangi. However, his destiny is pre-written in a village that is steeped in caste-hierarchy, oppression and debauchery. Rebelling against societal norms, Santu dares to harbor a dangerous infatuation for the village strongman`s daughter. Unaware of the consequences, Santu boldly expresses his love by writing a letter.

What will happen when this letter falls into the hands of the girl`s father? How far will Santu`s defiance take him?