Cheluvina Chittara

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Cheluvina Chittara

U | 22 Jun, 2007


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Cheluvina Chittara of writer- director S.Narayan is a remake of the Tamil hit Kadaal. The makers fail to get out of the Tamil successes aura and instead of doing a remake, they just photocopy it.Madeesha (ganesh) plays a mechanic in a garage who falls in love with the daughter (Amoolya) of a local don. After their love having no effect on the father, they decide to elope. But the girls' uncle tricks them and hands them to the don. The heroine gets married to another boy and Madeesha is beaten up by the don's henchmen. After many years of separation, the girl ascertains a retarded Madeesha. The heroines' husband makes the ultimate sacrifice, letting her go with her first love.Murthys music and the technical side excel. The new girl does leave an impact on the viewers mind. The films end is what will be hard to digest for the kannada audience.