Chhokari Vinanu Gaam

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Chhokari Vinanu Gaam

U | 19 Aug, 2016

A curse overturned.

2 hrs 8 min | Comedy, Drama

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This is a story of a village without any women. Long ago there lived men and women in a village.
However, as a patriarchal society, the male child would have preference over the female child.

A woman had cursed the village and it would remain without women forever. A woman not bringing in dowry would also be killed. Thus, a once happy village turns into a remote and deserted one, without any women.

Basant and Bahar are sent to this remote village. The Principal, the mukhi, the Pandit and all the boys in the village are happy to welcome them.

Every young boy wants to marry Bahar. Raj too is one of them. Do they marry each other? If yes, do they give birth to a baby girl? Are the villagers happy to see women?