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- | 22 Jul, 2011

Action, Adventure, Fantasy
2D 3D

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Chhutanki is a live-cum-animation Feature film made in 3D. It revolves around the main Animated lead character Chhutanki, his intriguing birth, upbringing and training by his guru Akhand Dev. Takla Baba(Live) who is master of magical powers heads the evil forces with his sidekick Surili (Live) and his animated goons Saand, Crocodile and Dragons. He has captured the Childhood of Chhutanki to create a powerful clone force. Chhuttanki is on a mission to his save his childhood and to thwart Takla Baba`s devilish idea and powers. Two youngsters (Live) Suraj and Chanda help him in his endeavor. Film is made to entertain all specially kids & youngsters and is full of Fun, Action, Adventure and Fantasy.