Chikkadu Dorakadu

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Chikkadu Dorakadu

UA | 11 Mar, 2016 509 Votes

Watch this gangster drama set in Madurai, starring Siddharth and Lakshmi Menon in the lead roles.

2 hrs 32 min | Action, Crime, Drama


Karthik, an aspiring filmmaker finds a producer who is willing to make his film on one condition - that it should be a fierce gangster flick. Due to this, Karthik decides to take inspiration from a real-life gangster, Karthik comes to the temple town of Madurai along with his friend Ooruni for research on thugs. They come to know of the ruthless gangster and a terror in that area Assault Sethu. Karthik takes the help of Kayal and her mother who cook food for Sethu and his henchmen. He also pretends to be in love with the young girl. As he embarks on his task what follows is a commercial cocktail of action, humor and thrills. How Karthik comes out of this tricky web is the rest of the story.