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U | 18 May, 2012


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``Chintoo``, a sweet and naughty boy lives in an upper middle class, lively neighborhood with his parents. This eight year old is extremely popular in his group. Pappu is his best friend and Mini, Raju, Baglya, Neha and the toddler Sonu all together are the unbeatable ``Wanarwede Warriors``.

Chintoo and his gang have big plans for their much awaited summer vacation. They decide to beat their rivals ``Vinchoo biters`` by making ``Wanarwede Warriors`` strong enough even to win the world cup. They practice hard and also convert the barren land in the society into their very own `Wanarwede stadium.` The match starts as planned.

Guru, a rogue forcibly sets up a small Chinese eatery. Akki, watchman Sakharam`s son is supposed to run it. Children protest against this intrusion but no one cares. The adults are in fact happy to get an easy access to the Chinese food. No one except Colonel Kaka objects to this illegal entrant and his illegitimate business in the housing complex.

Children try to find space to play cricket but always end up being scolded by adults. They try all possible means and ways to get their stadium back and, also make the adults understand their problem. All their attempts fail until Chintoo; the mastermind comes up with his own idea.What is that idea? Does it work? Do they get their stadium back? Does Guru learn his lesson? Do you want to know? Then watch the film and find it out yourselves!