Chitta Chanchala

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Chitta Chanchala

UA | 16 Jun, 2017 226 Votes

1 hrs 58 min | Suspense, Thriller

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Chitta Chanchala is a Kannada movie starring Divam Kunder and Prathika Saroy in prominent roles. The cast also includes Chitra Shenoy and Dhruthi Sai. It is a mystery-thriller movie directed by Yku Sundar Yettinatti, with Karunakar as the producer, Kumar Chakravarthy as the cinematographer, forming part of the crew.

Pavan, who hails from the influential and rich Gowda family, falls in love with Jyothi, who is the daughter of one of his house helps. Facing one too many objections, the two are found dead after a series of serial killings happen in their village. Inspector Pradeep attempts to solve the case but has a tough time figuring out if their deaths were an accident, a murder, or an act of ghost. Will Pradeep be able to solve the mystery or give up?