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A | 07 Oct, 2016

Chocolate makes everything better.

1 hrs 44 min | Comedy, Drama

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Though it is hard to believe but it is true that THE PLANET EARTH TURNS SLOWLY and as a result that day has come when a COP can be cheated by a CONMAN too.
Yes, the story Chocolate revolves around the life of a COP, a CONMAN and their life threatening chase for their common targets - THE RING, A CHOCOLATE FLAVORED BOX and something else that cannot be explained.
You may say, Oh! how silly ? OR It is not possible at all. But no my friends, it has happened and also not happened in a very silly or easy manner at all. Because suddenly this deal takes a topsy turvy twist and becomes the fight for theirLIVES and COMMITMENTS and at last, it turns into A
SATIRE where, with many human characters, these non living objects - a chocolate flavored box and a diamond ring, also play a very dominant role in this film.
Chocolate is a journey of LOVE,FULLOF FUN,FORTUNE and COMPASSION in a very chocolaty way. So, as they say- KEEP CALM and HAVE CHOCOLATE because ANYTHING IS GOOD IF