Chor Bazaari

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Chor Bazaari

U | 29 May, 2015

Ek Atrangi Prem Kahani

1 hrs 48 min | Comedy, Romantic

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Chor Bazaari is a love story with a twist. An atrangi prem kahani with its satrangi characters. Charlie is a seemingly regular young boy from Delhi, who comes from a totally irregular family of chors. Charlie`s life takes a dramatic turn when a beautiful young girl Sweeti Chabbra picks him to be her guinea pig for a thesis on criminal psychology. But Charlie`s dangerous yet exciting past soon starts catching up with him as a dreaded Mafioso follows him. Meanwhile, Sweeti falls for Charlie`s charm and ends up proposing to him in an inebriated state. But Charlie turns her down citing an ugly past that makes him resent love and relationships, leaving Sweeti heartbroken. In the end, an edge-of-the seat climax begins with the characters hitting the road once again opening up endless opportunities for a riotous chase on the screen.