Choricha Mamla

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Choricha Mamla

UA | 31 Jan, 2020

2 hrs 14 min | Comedy, Crime

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Nandan robs houses for a living but never takes more than what he needs. One day while on the job, the house`s owner, Amarjit, enters with Shraddha, a girl he is having an affair with. Amarjit is about to call the police when his wife rings the doorbell. Desperate, he asks Nandan to pretend to be with Shraddha so his wife doesn`t get suspicious. As more people get involved, the ruse gets harder to keep up, leading to a comedy of errors.

Pune Mirror   rated it
Choricha Mamla
The film works best in the post intermission section where the set up is over, and performances take over....
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