Chotta Mumbai

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Chotta Mumbai

U | 19 Oct, 2007

Comedy, Drama

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Chota Mumbai is believed to be another blockbuster in the hit-list of Mohanlal Movies. Anwar Rasheed, the director of the mega-hit movie Rajamaanikyam, is back with a racy thriller to make a mark on his audience.
Mohanlal plays the role of Vascodagama alias Munnabhai. His father wants him to become a hero, hence has named him Vasco De Gama. Nevertheless, he insists on wasting his life by playing with kids and doing nothing useful in particular. Bhavana plays the role of an auto rickshaw driver in the film. The star cast include Jagathy Sreekumar, Siddique and Indrajeet. The director promises that `Chota Mumbai` filled with humor and action will be an out-and-out entertainer like `Rajamanikyam`.