Christian Brothers

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Christian Brothers

UA | 18 Mar, 2011



The film is about Palamattathu Varghese Mappila, a wealthy, retired captain of the Indian Army. He has four children, Christy (Mohanlal), Joby (Dileep), Jessy (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy) and Stella (Kanika). Christy is a police informer who is working in Mumbai. His brother Joby goes abroad to study theology, but later opts out of it after he falls in love. Meanwhile, Christy falls in with a dubious crowd in Mumbai. His family has no clear idea about the nature of his activities. All these come as a shock to Varghese Mappila. He is disappointed by his sons and so turns his attention to his daughters, hoping that they marry well. There are several twists and turns that the story goes through before it unveils the truth