Coffee Ani Barach Kahi

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Coffee Ani Barach Kahi

U | 03 Apr, 2015 1,487 Votes

A journey that ends with a beginning!

1 hrs 41 min | Comedy, Romantic

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What happens typically in a guy meets girl story?

They start liking each other and soon fall in love. But if the guy is Nishad and girl is Jaai, what happens is a comedy of errors. Jaai loves the SRK version of romance while Nishad laughs at it.
She is all messed up, he is all sorted!She is impulsive, he is thoughtful! But then they say that `opposites attract`, so far so good. What`s next?

Dating? Steady relationships? Making it `official`? Nah, It`s not necessarily so simple. Jaai yearns for a larger than life kind romance and Nishad believes in realization of love instead of expression. They are stuck between the `just friends` and `more than friends` phases. There comes a dramatic situation where the decision `has` to be made.

Do they meet mid-way or part their ways?

``Coffee Aani Barach Kaahi`` a light-hearted romantic comedy is about figuring out romance out of chaos!