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01 Jan, 1988


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Satish (Satish Kaul), While Protecting The Life Of Mrs. Indira Gandhi Is Killed By Three Men. Years Later, His Son Chander (Mithun Chakraborty) Joins The Indian Army As A Commando To Fulfill His Father's Dreams. He Soon Discovers That The Commander Of His Company, Mirza (Shakti Kapoor) Is A Corrupt Officer Who Indulges In Illegal Activities Like Stealing Arms And Ammunition From The Arms Depot And Supplying It To The International Criminal, Marcelloni (Amrish Puri).
As Chander Attempts To Expose Mirza's Cover, He Finds Himself Becoming A Pawn In The Hands Of Marcelloni, Who Uses Him To Accomplish His Mission Of Spreading Nationwide Terror.