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A | 21 Jul, 2017 488 Votes

1 hrs 30 min | Drama


The story revolves around the incidents that shook the nation during the time-period of 2006 to 2007. A new revolution, comprising peasants and villagers began in the name of industrialization. The government decided that villagers must give up their land for constructing a factory. So, the party workers with the help of local police started to convince the farmers that they will be given a job in that industry as a worker if they give the land to the government. The farmers distrust the authorities and refuse to give their ancestral lands, smelling foul play on the government’s part. The protest started by the people leads to a clash between them and the party workers. When people start feeling hopeless in this movement, two women, Nandini and Radharani become the flag bearers of the revolution. Nandini is gang-raped and murdered and Radharani suffers the same fate, after which she commits suicide by jumping in fire. Her last message to the terror-stricken villagers is to remain united and keep fighting for their rights. The farmers and villagers remained strong enough to protest against this and keep the industrialists at bay. During this movement, many people sacrifice their lives and remain united to protect from land acquisition. Supreme Court then orders that land acquisition must be stopped.